Jade Roller Beauty Jade Roller PRO

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Ideal for dual jade roller facials, serum penetration
More relaxing experience due to angle of stone
Like a rolling pin to smooth fine lines + wrinkles

Traditional Harmonizing Qi-booster, Inflammation reducer.


COLOR: Available in yellow- white shades (JADE Beauty Roller + PRO Format) or Olive/Mint (SPA Format)

SKINCARE: Reduces inflammation, puffiness around eye area, plumps fine lines, helps to discharge toxins from the fluid around the cells, slows process of cell aging by promoting turnover, and strengthens the body’s natural defenses and healing power by increasing chi, a revitalizing energy in the body. In the same way that your body feels alive and refreshed after cardio, Jade rolling will have the same effect on the facial muscles.

ENERGY/CHAKRA: of the HEART CHAKRA – Increases Chi, a life force energy by improving flow between meridian points. (energy points on the face that correlate to the rest of the body) Green color energy representing growth, in business, monetarily or spiritually, health, fertility. Assimilates knowledge when placed over the third eye. May better reasoning ability.

WELL CARE: Helpful to address kidney and stomach concerns, may support bladder function Helps with tension headaches, TMJ pain, releases blocked sinus congestion and pain. Relaxes the nervous system. Has been used as a meditation tool for over 5000 years by the Mayans + African Egyptians. Supports self acceptance, may help address binge eating disorders when they are linked to an emotional trigger.

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