Jade Roller Beauty Amethyst Roller

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Collagen + Acne Expert.
Far Infared Ray Amplifier.

ORIGIN: Brazil

COLOR: Dark Purple with light purple + clear or white inclusions, most feature a Chevron.

SKINCARE: Soothing for Acneic Skin- roll around any active breakouts, never over pustules. Amplifies the far infared rays (heat held in the skin from the sun) utilized to stimulate fibroblasts + lead to collagen production. Thus, it is excellent for healthy aging as well as healing scarring or stretchmarks. Amplifies Far Infared Rays to stimulate collagen + boost elastin by gently raising the surface temperature (warming effect)

ENERGY/CHAKRA: CROWN + THIRD EYE CHAKRAS. Rules the Crown Chakra, great meditation stone for grounding + connection to environment. Dream awareness, protection, temper calming, courage boosting. The stone of peace, wisdom + protection.

WELL CARE: Helps with insomnia, can calm an emotional upheaval.

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Product NameJade Roller Beauty Amethyst Roller
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