Dear Beauty Lovers,

It’s no secret that cosmetics and beauty products are exciting, fun and sometimes addictive but we can all agree they are a vital part of your everyday look! If you are a self-proclaimed makeup addict or a loyalist to your essential favorites; we are excited to welcome you to Fashionsta!

FUN FACT: Today's beauty lover spends between $22,300 and $300,000 in a lifetime on cosmetics and beauty products!!! Those treat your self splurges can really add up. Is it all worth it? I say absolutely! With that said; let’s talk beauty!

Forget about your tweezers because big bold brows aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  Get the look with L'OREAL Brow Stylist Kabuki Blender - Brunette, MAYBELLINE TATTOO STUDIO WATERPROOF BROW GEL DEEP BROWN or OFRA UNIVERSAL EYEBROW PENCIL. For the best brow pop; use with a light or neutral eyeshadow

Lips from the ‘90s are back with an attitude this season. If you’re the polite pout gal wearing pinks or nudes, take this opportunity to try darker shades. Think rich red wines and brownish plums. Some of our favs; L'OREAL Infallible Pro-matte Liq Lip - Matador, LIME CRIME MATTE VELVETINES LIQUID LIPSTICK TEDDY BEAR, Dose Of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick- Cold Shoulder

Literally! Glitter on lips, lids, lash lines and brows. This look is hot and everywhere! Runway to reality it fits any occasion. You can glitter it up for a casual grocery store run or dance all night in this look. We all know about glitter; your makeup isn’t going anywhere. Try a subtle glitz by applying it across your lash line or don’t hold back and glitz up the lid!  For the eyes WE LOVE STILA GLITTER AND GLOW LIQUID EYESHADOW MOLTEN MIDNIGHT and LIME CRIME DIAMOND DEW EYESHADOW VISION For a pop of glitz on your lip try LIME CRIME DIAMOND CRUSHERS LIP STAIN LIT or COVERGIRL MELTING POUT GLITTER TOP COAT- GOLDEN GIRL

OK, trending beauty is always fun but TIMELESS AND CLASSIC can’t be left out. This month we celebrate the RED LIP. Think Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Gwen Stefani. Iconic women in unforgettable red lipstick. Red lips are Sexy, Daring, and Drop Dead Gorgeous. If you haven’t lived an occasion in red lipstick, you truly haven’t lived. Get the look with STILA STAY ALL DAY LIQUID LIPSTICK BESO